Keeping the Wheels of Industry Turning....

The Consumables Solution is a UK based company that distribute quality, high volume workshop consumables to a wide range of industries. Be it automotive, agricultural, engineering, or a host of other commercial concerns we provide those products that keep the wheels of industry turning.

“We have yet to find a customer who we cannot supply”

For more than 40 years, our company has been developing relationships with many independent distributors, Blue Chip companies and manufacturers across the UK. With a complete branding capability, the comprehensive range of quality, high-volume consumable products provide our customers with an exciting, profitable and complimentary addition to their core range offering. The Consumables Solution is the effective link between product and profitability.

Whatever your business…… The Consumables Solution

With our UK base in Nuneaton, 40,000 square feet of distribution centre feeds the garages and workshops of the UK with the biggest range of fasteners, electrical consumables, chemicals, parts, lubrication and glues, workshop tools, packaging and signage in the UK.

The Consumables Solution, whatever your business. Bespoke offering designed for your business
  • “Menu offering”
  • Central distribution
  • Direct to network
  • Supply any business in any number of ways
  • Third party distribution
  • Full Branding Capability
  • Bespoke Cataloguing
  • Unbranded “White Label” Offering
  • Marketing material to promote product
One Solution, One Supplier…

Our branded and tailored consumable programmes suit all industries with a powerful range of profitable brands. The Consumables Solution has the largest range of fasteners, electrical consumables, chemicals, parts, lubrication and glues, workshop tools, packaging and signage in the UK.

Comprehensive Range

We offer a comprehensive range of more than 7,000 high-volume consumable products, from a split pin to a hose clip, absorbent granules to washers and wrench sets, with the largest range of fasteners, electrical consumables, chemicals, everyday consumables, lubrication and glues, workshop tools, packaging and signage in the UK.

Super-Fast Delivery

With a huge fully stocked range, The Consumables Solution prides itself on the highest service levels, including first time pick availability, flexibility in meeting customer demands, late order cut-off, together with low carriage-paid terms.

Dedicated to Customer Support – Service – our key to your success.

In addition to being visited in person regularly, every enquiry, request or order you place with The Consumables Solution is managed by our dedicated customer team based at Nuneaton. If there is anything you need, contact us and we will make sure you are absolutely satisfied, supported and happy with our service.

Established 1984 – Nearly 4 Decades of Experience

We have a wealth of consumable experience, spanning nearly 40 years. Our comprehensive range of workshop consumables along with our dedicated team of professionals can help you with commercial offerings that can provide your business with tailored opportunities to drive profitability. Speak to us now.

Our Brands

In addition to offering some of the biggest brands in the business, The Consumables Solution has developed a number of exclusive, high quality, high profile brands, offering tremendous customer pull through and demand. These include – FIXT, OnHand, ACE

FIXT is our professional range of chemicals, sprays, paints, oils, anaerobic and maintenance products. All presented in eye-catching, uniform icon-driven design packaging and includes FIXT400, the next generation of power lube. Our FIXT range includes FIXTPRO, our range of high quality glues, sealers and anaerobics.

Ace is a high quality range of hose clips & clamps, which includes British & European standard clips in stainless and mild steel. Ace products are boxed in colour coded packaging to make selecting the correct products even easier. In addition Dispenser Racks are also available to buy.

An excellent alternative range as it delivers high quality products at a low price, Ace has rapidly become a leading hose clip supplier, with in excess of 20 million clips sold in Europe in one year alone. Ace is renowned for supplying a comprehensive range of bolts, clips and fastenings which are well presented, competitively priced & available in both mild & stainless steel.

OnHand is an exclusive & extensive range of Hand Care Products, including gloves, hand cleaners & hand protection. The OnHand range has a modern design & has a complete range of applicators and dispensers.

Force is our branded range of workshop consumables for the Independent van sales operators; a range fully supported with a clear brand strategy and a comprehensive catalogue, same day despatch and service driven support programmes.

Apart from our own product brands we stock extensive product portfolio of some of the markets best-selling and most recognised workshop consumable brands, ranging from Abracs abrasives PCL, right through to Teng Tools and WD-40.

Our Catalogue

Our online catalogue is backed up by our printed catalogue. Our core range is wrapped into a single master catalogue which can be ordered by emailing [email protected]

Tube & Lube
Vehicle Parts
Storage Systems
Teng Tools
General Tools
Our Range

Incredible range of Assortment boxes that are organised to provide the user with the right selection of products at the right time. Our Assortment boxes come in a massive range of different products including, Electrical, Washers, O’Rings, Screws & Fixings, Hardware and Tyre Care to mention a few. Also available our Mini-box range. Perfect handy boxes for your Workshop Consumable needs.

Mini & Maxi Boxes:

We also supply our Maxi and Mini Box ranges which have been tailored to ensure you have the correct assortment of products to hand, be it large or small, for your specific business requirements.


With a wealth of knowledge in the fasteners and fixings industry, we offer our clients a vast range of nearly 2,000 different fasteners and fixings. We carry a large range of standard fasteners in stock which are available in various threads including metric course, metric fine & extra fine. We also stock a wide range of IMPERIAL fasteners (UNF.UNC.BSW.BSF). The majority of the fasteners and fixings we supply are also available in a variety of plating’s including zinc, black oxide and nickel.

Comprehensive range:
  • Washers
  • Sump Plugs
  • O-Rings
  • Nuts
  • Setscrews
  • Bolts
  • Socket Screws
  • Treaded Bars & Inserts
  • Machine Screws
  • Self-Tapping Screws
  • Number Plate Fixings
  • Pins & Clips
  • Rivets
  • Trim Clips

As well as individually sized packs, the majority of our Fasteners are available in Assorted Boxes or Packs, providing an excellent selection of the most popular sizes.

We source our Fasteners from a number of suppliers, allowing us to offer high standard products at competitive prices.


Our range of Workshop Consumables is second to none, and covers everything that you need to keep the business running.Our Workshop Section contains; Cleaning & Polishing Products, Seat Covers, Absorbent, Abrasives, Tapes & Welding, Brazing & Soldering Products.

We offer a range of Absorbent Granules & Spill Control Kits, along with Disposable & Re-Usable Car Seat Covers.


Our range of Personal Protective Equipment has been manufactured to the highest standards, to keep you & your workforce safe.

Hand Protection without Compromise!

OnHand is an exclusive and extensive brand of hand care products. A premium quality range, including next generation glove protection along with day to day gloves, hand cleaners and hand protection.

As well as our comprehensive range of disposable gloves we also offer a range of PU Coated and other re-usable Work Gloves.

Our range of Respiratory Masks & Ear Plugs are provided by Moldex®, a world leading brand, for added peace of mind.

FIXT an even better solution;

Our Chemical Section includes the eye-catching FIXT Range. FIXT has established itself as a brand that represents both quality and value for money. The range includes FIXT400, a next generation Maintenance Spray/Fluid.

Comprehensive Chemical Range - Leading brands!

Air fresheners, cleaners, de-greasers, glues, paints, rust removers, sealants, we have it all!

To complement our FIXT range we offer some of the leading chemical products, including well-nown brands such as Loctite®, Unibond®, Hylomar®, STP®, Hycote, Jenolite, Deb to mention a few.

Our OnHand® brand is an exclusive and extensive range of Hand Care products, including gloves, hand cleaners and hand protection. The modern design of OnHand cleaners and hand protection is supplied in useful applicators and dispensers.


Our range of Packaging Materials will allow you to pack-up a wide range of objects for safe & secure transportation.The range includes, Cardboard Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Stretch Wrap, 'Documents Enclosed' Wallets, Tapes and Tape Dispensing Guns.Our Tapes include Brown Polypropylene Tape, Clear Packing Tape, 'This Way Up' Tape & 'Fragile' Tape.

General Tools:

Our extensive range of General Tools includes; Air Tools, Tyre Gauges, Service Tools, Jacking and Lifting Equipment, Grease Guns & Pumps, Bit Sets, Screwdrivers, Spanners, Sockets, Wrenches, Pliers, Vices, Hammers, Taps & Dies, Drill Bits, Rotary Burrs, Holesaws, Files, Saws, Knives, Blades, Scrapers, Riveters, Electrical Tools, Measuring Equipment, Power Tools, etc.

The range includes well-known brands such as; PCL®, Bahco®, Vise-Grip®, Dormer®, Eclipse®, Ace®, Jubilee®, Einhell® and King Dick® Screwdrivers; with their patented tip design allowing precise and powerful contact with six different screw head sizes.


Electrical consumables are an essential part of the day-to-day operation of many businesses. With a huge product range and in-depth experience, Quest Consumables supply electrical consumables to small, medium and large businesses. Whether it is cable connectors, light bulbs or insulated terminals, our product range will no doubt have the solution you need.

Comprehensive product range:

Our range of electrical products, includes; terminals, crimping tools, heat shrink products, cables, clips, lighting, plugs and sockets, fuses, electrical tape, auto-cable and lots more.

Recognised brands:

We stock recognised brands, such as; Advance®, Nitto®, Hellermann Tyton®, Littelfuse®, Energizer®, Eveready® and Duracell® to mention a few.

We've got Lighting covered too, with extensive ranges of Top Lamp® (Aftermarket) & Osram® (OE) Auto Bulbs, not to mention our range of torches, lanterns and hand lamps.

Tube & Lube:

We offer a range of Tube & Lube including; Hoses, Tubing, Air Tools, Tyre Care, Hose Clips, Tube Couplings, Jugs, Funnels, Grease Guns, Pumps & Accessories.

Our own brand range of Ace® hose clips, bolts and fastenings combine quality with value for money and are well-presented in dispenser racks, handipacks or individual boxes. JCS® & Jubilee® Hose Clips complete the range.

We also stock a variety of both John Guest® and Norgren® couplings, as well as an extensive range of PCL® air tools and accessories.

Extensive Range of Abrasives

We are recognised as the one stop solution for abrasives and related consumables products. Our Abrasives Range is extensive, including; Sanding Discs, Wire Wheels, Abrasive Papers, Polishing Discs, Spirabands, Cutting & Grinding Discs (including the Phoenix II range) & an innovative range of 'Quick-Lock' Products.

Serious Product Quality

Our professional range of Abracs abrasives provides peace of mind for our professional use customer base. Every single Abracs product is manufactured with absolute quality to European safety standards. Each product has undergone rigorous testing and quality control procedures meeting recognised standards RISQS, ISO 9001, and Q.S.A., accreditation for European manufactured products. Abracs products feature their quality assurance stamp which is a seal of approval to our customers.

Vehicle Parts:

We offer a range of Vehicle Parts, including; Reflectors, Marker Boards, Lamps & Beacons, Plugs & Sockets, Windscreen Accessories, Exhaust Fittings, Air Brake Couplings, Automotive Cable and CV Wiper Blades.

We've got Lighting covered too, with our extensive ranges of Top Lamp® (Aftermarket) & Osram® (OE) Auto Bulbs, all available in handy bulb dispensers.

Storage Systems:

Our range of Storage Systems are designed to provide a variety of simple and effective storage solutions. The range includes Bins, Boxes, Cabinets, Lockers & Racks, as well as Kick-Steps, Ladders, Sack Trucks and Trolleys for reaching and transporting goods.

Our polypropylene Storage Bins are incredibly versatile and are available in red and blue. They can be free-standing, stacked or mounted onto one of our louvered panels. The Bins and Panels are also available in convenient, ready-made kits.


We have an extensive range of Signage available to suit a variety of applications, the majority of which are available in either 3mm Foamex or Self-Adhesive.

Foamex signs are hard-wearing and manufactured from weatherproof plastic with pre-drilled holes in each corner for easy fitting.We also offer a small range of Hazard Warning Stickers.

Teng Tools:
Welcome to Teng Tools

Teng Tools huge range of products, covering tools and storage solutions, helps companies to streamline their operations. Good tools are an important part and the organisation of them is just as important. Teng Tools the natural choice for professional users.

Comprehensive Tool Range:
  • Tool kits and tool storage
  • Work benches and wall racks
  • Socket Sets
  • Sockets and accessories
  • Stainless steel socketry
  • Impact sockets
  • Spanners and wrenches
  • Torque equipment
  • Screwdrivers and bits
  • Insulated tools
  • Pliers and clamping tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Service tools
  • Air tools
  • Measuring Tools

Continuously developed, in close co-operation with professional users, Teng Tools offers innovative Swedish design and sound Taiwanese production, which satisfies quality-conscious users around the world.


Teng Tools products meet, or surpass, the requirements in ISO, DIN and other international standards. As extra security, their “Everlasting power guarantee” means that all Teng Tools products will be replaced or repaired should they break during normal usage due to a manufacturing or material fault.